List of current and previous courses taught at Brooklyn College of CUNY and the Graduate Center of CUNY.

Current (Spring 2019)

Psyc 7709: Using R for reproducible research

This is a special topics course for the Experimental Psychology Master’s program. The course website is

Psyc 3400: Statistical Methods in Psychological Research

All materials are totally free and open, including the course Website, textbook, and lab manual.

Previous courses

Some of these courses have open materials, older courses may not.

Psyc 73800 - Cognitive Psychology

Fall 2018 (2017) @ Graduate Center of CUNY

Bi-weekly modules taught by different faculty. The course website contains syllabus and readings.

Psyc 80103: Cognitive Technologies: From theory and data to application

Spring 2018 @ Graduate Center of CUNY

A doctoral seminar course (special topics) covering emerging and old cognitive technologies. Check out the course website, or read the book we wrote on the topic (students in the course wrote the chapters).

Psyc 3450: Experimental Psychology

Fall 2017 (2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011) @ Brooklyn College

An undergraduate course on research methods, using a free OER textbook! Written by myself and many others. Check out the textbook here. Check out the course website here.

Psyc 80103: Computer Programming for Psychologists

@ Brooklyn College

I put my lecture notes into a book (covers R, Livecode and a bit of web programming.)

Psyc 3530 : Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

@ Brooklyn College

Psyc 80103 : Special Topics Seminar: Learning & Attention

Special topics doctoral course @ GC Co-taught with Andrew Delamater

Psyc 80103 : Special Topics: Memory: Foundations & Current Issues

Special topics doctoral course @ GC Co-taught with Elizabeth Chua

Psyc 80103 : Career Development

Doctoral course @ GC Co-taught with Elizabeth Chua