Human Cognition and Performance Lab

Learning | Memory | Attention | Performance | Skill-learning | Computational Modeling | Statistics

I will be considering Ph.D. applications for next Fall 2020, applications due December 1st, 2019; please email me if you are interested

How do people learn new skills like playing a musical instrument or typing on a computer keyboard? How does memory work? How do people pay attention to their surroundings? How do people become sensitive to patterns and regularities in their environment?

We investigate these questions with experiments that test theoretical and computational models of human cognition. Research associates are trained with a strong focus on computer programming skills for creating experiments and analyzing data. These include programming techniques for creating behavioral experiments from scratch, coding dynamic multi-trial experiments online and conducting them on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, coding for batch data-analysis and for expressing cognitive theories in the form of computational models.

Current and previous lab members include undergraduate, master’s , doctoral, and postdoctoral researcher associates. If you are interested in human cognition and using computational techniques for running experiments and analyzing data, then you may be interested in joining the team.

The lab is located in the Department of Psychology at Brooklyn College of CUNY, and affiliated with the Cognition, Language, and Development training area of the Psychology Doctoral program at the Graduate Center of CUNY.

Matthew Crump
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Brooklyn College of CUNY
2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210
Office: 4401 James Hall
Phone: 718-951-5000 x. 6068
Lab: 4303 James Hall